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IN STOCK: Nighthawk's VIP - A 1911 Legacy!

When it comes to 1911's no one does it better than Nighthawk and the VIP proves just that. Nighthawk, over many years now, have developed the hard-earned reputation as the best manufacturer of custom 1911's in America if not the world and the VIP is the epitome of that reputation.

To sum up the VIP in a few words, it is elegant, classy and most definitely sexy. This is a firearm to be adored and passed on for generations.


A bit more background on Nighthawk, they strictly abide by their "One Gun, One Gunsmith" motto. Each and every single 1911 coming out of Nighthawk Custom begins as a box of over-sized parts made from the finest materials in the United States. One of the master gunsmiths in Nighthawk's expert team refines that box of crude materials into a precise machine capable of immense accuracy.

Read more on the details of the VIP:

We currently have the VIP IN STOCK in a 5" configuration chambered in .45 ACP.


Browse our collection of Nighthawk's legendary 1911's!


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