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Shotgun Review: The Beretta 1301 Tactical - An Excellent Home Defense Shotgun!

When it comes to shotgun manufacturers, it doesn't get much better than Beretta with over five hundred years in the business. It goes without saying that they have an abundance of technical expertise and experience which is clearly shown in the 1301 Tactical's design.

Engineered with ultra-reliability and ease-of-use in mind, it has all the features that a modern tactical shotgun should offer and more!


Designed for law enforcement and home defense, the 1301 Tactical comes packed with practical features.

Right out of the box, you'll notice it's compact form with a barrel length of 18.5", an ideal length when maneuvering in tight spaces as needed in a home defense situation as well as for being safely stored away when not needed.

Additionally, the 1301 Tactical features an oversized charging handle, large textured bolt release and an oversized reversible safety button. Not only that, but it is outfitted with aggressive checkering on the fore-end and grip so no matter the situation your hands will always be able to positively and safely grip it and operate the controls. When it comes to sighting, Beretta outfitted the 1301 Tactical with a robust, protected ghost-ring system with an interchangeable front sight and topping it all off with a Picatinny rail giving the user the opportunity to outfit it with whatever they choose.

Although it fits most right of the box, Beretta went the extra mile making it easily adaptable to most users’ needs, body type and shooting posture. The stock is adjustable for length of pull with provided spacers, so that you can ensure it will always come up naturally to your shoulder and point easily to where you are looking.

Moving onto the operating system, Beretta used their proprietary BLINK gas system featuring a cross tube gas piston which allows the 1301 Tactical to cycle 36% faster than any other shotgun on the market. This also makes it ideal for three-gun tactical competition. When shooting the 1301 Tactical, simply put, you will have an undisputed advantage over your competitors.

Regardless of the application, with a 1301 Tactical you will always know that you have the best of Beretta to rely upon.


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