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Shotgun Review: Fabarm's Elos 2 Elite - A Functional Work Of Art!

The Elos 2 Elite is a culmination of over a century of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create the perfect blend of functionality and art. In short, it is lightweight, comfortable to point and shoots like a dream.


One crucial thing to keep in mind with the Elos 2 Elite is that it's purpose-built for the upland hunter. This is an ideal shotgun for the man who enjoys pushing the limits of what upland prey he can hunt all while looking damn good doing so.

Now digging into the details of the Elos 2 Elite, it is packed with practical features that every upland hunter would appreciate. Starting off with its pistol grip which provides the user not only with a comfortable and solid grip on the shotgun, but allows the user to find the same grip time and time again. Being an Italian-made shotgun, the Elos 2 Elite has incredible balance and along with the pistol grip, mounting this shotgun is incredibly smooth and naturally just comes right up to your shoulder.

Moreover, coming in at a mere 7 pounds, the Elos 2 Elite is an ideal companion for those long days in the field where each pound can feel like ten after just a few short hours.

Fabarm also outfitted the Elos 2 Elite with their world-renowned and field-tested TRIBORE HP tapered bore and INNER HP chokes which has shown, over many years of field-testing, to ensure consistent optimal pattern performance while simultaneously reducing felt recoil.

Now for the aesthetics, Fabarm again cut no corners. The stock and fore-end are crafted with a deluxe grade of walnut with a matte oil finish to provide a distinguished look fit for a king. However, the real eye-catcher is the rich color case hardened receiver which is engraved with a traditional upland game scene which is gold inlayed. The contrast between the case colored receiver and the gold birds is enough to make a grown man drool.

All in all, Fabarm has engineered a shotgun made for the serious upland hunter by combining high-level performance with a truly beautiful aesthetic. This rare combination of artistry and innovative features makes the Elos 2 Elite a pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship.


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