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Shotgun Review: Caesar Guerini's Revenant - Synthesis Of Art And Function!

When entering the world of high end shotguns many can be blown away by the price tags associated with big names such as Perazzi and the such. To tackle that issue, Guerini has presented the Revenant, a shotgun that is one-fifth the price of shotguns with the same features still being made by hand, one by one.


Over the past century masterpieces of metal and wood have been fashioned into the highest level of art and functionality through hundreds of hours of steel working, perfecting design, ensuring reliability and turning raw, gorgeous walnut into perfectly checkered stocks. Engravers can dedicate weeks if not months on a single piece of polished metal turning it into art priced in the tens of thousands. Such a shotgun is likely a luxury very few of us can afford and that is where Caesar Guerini enters.

By combining both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, Guerini has released shotguns worthy of hundred thousand dollar plus price tags at less than one-fifth of that price and the Revenant is the perfect example of that.

The foundation of the Revenant is a round body action that is world-renowned for its slender and graceful curves along with radiused side plates that further enhance the lines of the stock and action. When handling the Revenant you immediately notice nothing on the exterior of the action is flat with even the bottom of the action being considerably rounded. Not only that, but no screws show except for one in the long tang. This all combines to give the Revenant a incredibly unique, flowing look and feel which results in an absolutely stunning receiver.

The fore-end is outfitted with a winged fore-end iron and inletted escutcheon surrounding the push-button release, a common feature distinguishing high quality shotguns.

The fit between metal and wood is impeccable which is particularly impressive seeing as how everything is rounded and on curves where such a fit is difficult. Not only is that impeccable, but the oil finish which is hand rubbed into the wood fills all the pores leaving no grains showing. The barrels also feature a tapered solid top rib and mid rib.

Now no matter how gorgeous a firearm is, it's only use is for a wall-hanger if it doesn't fire and function properly and the Revenant does just that. Even as it operates on an inertia trigger it can cycle light loads without missing a beat. Your chokes will always stay put and your point of impact will be just where you expect. The trigger itself is excellent with nearly no take-up or play and a pull of about 4 pounds.

Topping everything off, Guerini left the engravings design to a world leader in fine engraving Bottega C. Giovanelli and their Director and Master engraver Dario Cortini. Together they wanted to create a new and original motif for the Revenant utilizing organic forms instead of a common variation on scroll. To this end they drew a design of maple leaves and branches that are both elegant and evoke a hunting theme.


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