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Shotgun Review: Blaser's F3 "Golden Pheasant" - A One of One Edition!

We all know what they say about German engineering and the F3 is the epitome of that sentiment. Built with control in mind, everything feels incredibly solid in the hand giving the firearm a indescribable feeling of indestructability. And when you pair such engineering with one of the finest engravers, Veronique Grojean, the words to describe the results have not yet been invented.


Starting off with more of the functionality of the F3, Blaser took a far more innovative outlook than most manufacturers. The barrels hinge on stub pins which is a more standard feature, but lock-up is where Blaser differentiates themselves by the barrel lump dropping into a cut-out in the action floor, where it engages with a full-width bolt. If the gun should ever shoot loose, the barrel lump can be replaced.

Powering the hammers are coil springs running in tunnels, which provide good reliability as the can continue to function when broken. This more unique take on the hammer also equips the F3 with far more crisp trigger pulls than your usual over under.

The selective trigger is set to the second barrel via a mechanical system unlike the standard recoil-powered mechanism, in fact the F3 places an interia block which prevents the shooter firing an involuntary second shot due to the recoil of the first. Moreover, the safety, which is placed on the top strap as usual, is also able to prevent accidental discharge shoulder the firearm be dropped.

Moving on towards the one of one "Golden Pheasant", as the name suggests the side plates are hand-engraved with beautifully drawn pheasants which are surrounded with scroll engravings and gold inlay. Master engraver Veronique Grojean could not have done a better job on this. Engravings of such caliber were properly paired with a tremendous grade 9 wood. In all honesty, the beauty of the wood and engravings are best left to visuals rather than words.


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