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Scope Review: Trijicon Credo HX - Designed With Hunters In Mind

Designed to aid in taking down anything from varmint to dangerous game, the Credo HX takes the already well-performing Credo to all new heights, giving you everything you want in a low-power variable hunting scope. You can have your pick between first or second focal plane models all with advanced reticles engineered for the quick, precise shot that gives you the perfect end to your hunting story!


The Credo HX is truly packed with practical features from end to end. Starting out with the glass, the Credo HX is outfitted with a full multi-coated anti-reflective glass that allows for incredibly high light transmission which ensures true color and detail in any light.

To list off a few more practical features, the Credo HX sports precise and notable windage/elevation adjustments, considerable wide fields of view, easy focus eyepieces and adjustable magnification levers. While out at the range or in the field, this combination of features makes all the difference in an accurate, precise shot or a miss.

As for the reticle, Trijicon offers red or green illuminated reticles that were designed specifically with quick target acquisition in mind and has an “off” positions between brightness levels. When shooting, it is important to note that the illuminated reticles use Trijicon's Bindon Aiming Concept feature to provide a clear aiming point while keeping both eyes open.

With a design meant specifically for the field, the Credo HX has a very sleek finish and low-profile controls prevent snagging and is also extensively tested to military standards and protocols. It is a rugged scope meant to withstand extreme conditions.


  • Diopter accommodates the shooter’s individual prescription

  • Accommodates different shooting positions and rifle configurations

  • User-selectable LED brightness settings with an “off” in between each setting to adapt to any environment

  • Crisp, precise, windage / elevation adjusters require no tools and are designed to prevent accidental shift

  • Matte finish and easy-grip controls for fast, intuitive adjustments

  • Ultra Durable for Ensured Reliability

  • Ruggedized design engineered to withstand extreme conditions and tested to military standards and protocols

  • Excellent glass with a scratch-resistant coating. The fully multi-coated glass ensures true color and detail and confidence in any light.

  • Illuminated reticles provide a clear aiming point that draws the shooter’s eye for fast engagement

  • Choose from a variety of specially engineered reticle designs for fast ranging and holdovers

  • Fast Scanning, Detection, and Tracking

  • Extra-Wide field of view for maximum situational awareness

  • Made in Japan


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