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Rifle Review: Volquartsen's VT2 Takedown - The Ultimate In Backpack Guns!

Based off of the tried and tested Ruger 10/22 actions, the VT2 is quite literally the ultimate firearm for a small game hunting trip with the ability to be easily stowed away and reassembled in a matter of seconds not minutes. For those looking to invest in a rimfire firearm with the ability to switch calibers, break it down and be quick, the VT2 is the ideal choice for you.


The takedown feature is quite easy to operate, simply depress the takedown button pull on a locking lever. Once the VT2 is taken down, the rifle can easily be placed in a bag, or you can swap calibers. Now what is truly fascinating and incredibly practical about the VT2 is that you easily retain your accuracy.

You break it down, put it back, and it's right back on target. Especially while out in the field hunting, you are typically looking for smaller game and thus need your firearm to be quick and precise. The VT2 does exactly that while allowing you to keep it stowed away. It requires no tools, no twisting, and no tightening to disassemble, reassemble or swap calibers.

The VT2 is outfitted with an adjustable Magpul MOE carbine stock and MOE-K pistol grip along with the choice of two different handguard lengths, 6" or 12". The handguards feature M-LOK slots for accessories, two slots along the sides with the 6-inch handguard, or six slots with the 12-inch version.

Now for the trigger, Volquartsen never cuts corners outfitting the VT2 with a TG2000 trigger with a factory pull weight set at 2.5 pounds.

As a final note, VT2 rifles built for 22 WMR and 17 HMR can swap calibers simply by changing the barrel. Rifles built for 22 LR have a different action size and cannot swap calibers this way.


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