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Rifle Review: Mauser 18 Feldjagd - Accurate, Ergonomic & Progressive!

When it comes to Mauser, not much needs to be said. They've been around for over a century and their firearms have served reliably in both World Wars and still serve faithfully to this day.

However, for the everyday man a modern Mauser can be out of reach financially, but with the new release of the Feldjagd that is no longer the case. You have the accuracy, reliability and ergonomics that Mauser is famous for all for an affordable price!


The Feldjagd, which translates to "hunting in the fields", is designed to do just as the name suggests having been optimized by Mauser for long range shooting and hunting in open land. In order to do so, Mauser has outfitted the Feldjagd with a rugged and coyote colored polymer stock to suit the terrain, but it does not stop there.

An adjustable cheek piece allows the user full control making the most sophisticated shots possible. In order to ensure the accuracy of these shots, Mauser cut no corners with the 22" cold hammer forged barrel even going as far as to guarantee sub-MOA precision. Its fluted contour enables quick cooldown while bringing down weight to a total of 6.9 lbs. Topping it all off, Mauser has equipped the Feldjagd with a M17x1 muzzle thread in order to attach suppressors or muzzle breaks.

  • Ergonomic: Adjustable Kalix cheek piece

  • Cold hammer forged, fluted barrel, sub-MOA precision guaranteed. Including M17x1 muzzle thread.

  • Ultra rugged polymer stock including multi-purpose cap.

  • Silently operating three-position safety system, which acts directly on the trigger lug.

  • Consistent solid steel construction in MAUSER quality, which has been proven a million times.

  • Ready for anything with its removable, double-row 5-shot magazine.

  • Dry-standing and adjustable direct action trigger for reliable hits..


Browse some of Mauser's best including the Feldjagd!


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