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Rifle Review: LWRCI REPR MKII - A Full Spectrum Weapon!

During the late twentieth century, military doctrine dictated a decentralized approach to firearms and their applications using submachine guns for close-quarter then switching to bolt actions for long shots. This doctrine has quickly became outdated in the twenty-first century especially with the same gun being used to clear a building in a close-quarter situation would be used in a long-distance shot minutes later.

This new reality forced a weapons evolution which has resulted in the LWRCI R.E.P.R. MKII, a firearm that can take care of business from muzzle out to several hundreds yards out.


The REPR, Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle, is feature packed and built for high performance. It's a full spectrum weapon designed to deliver long range accuracy from a mobile and versatile platform in a variety of real world situations.

LWRCI's build for the US Military CSASS Solicitation Program is the backbone of the REPR MKII design. Utilizing the patented LWRCI short-stroke gas piston operating system the REPR offers extraordinary accuracy in all situations while remaining extremely reliably and keeping maintenance simple. Topping it off is the LWRCI proprietary 20 - position tunable gas block which gives the shooter ultimate control allowing for even more adaptability.

Available in 12.7", 16.1", and 20" barrel lengths with Rear or Side Charge configurations there is no shooting application that the REPR isn't suited for. It comes fully outfitted with Geissele SSA-E 2-stage Precision Trigger, a premium stock solution in the form of a Magpul PRS adjustable stock, and a Proof Research Carbon Fiber Wrapped match grade barrel topped off with LWRCI proprietary Ultra Brake™ 4- Port muzzle brake.

As for the controls, LWRCI did not cut corners designing the REPR with fully ambidextrous lower receiver controls including bolt catch and release, magazine release and safety selector and rear charging handle. In short, The LWRCI Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle is a full-spectrum weapon system designed to put devastating rounds on target in a variety of real world applications.


Shop the REPR MKII in 6.5 Creedmoor at Somarriba!


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