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Rifle Review: Fierce Firearms' Edge - A Game Changer For Hunters!

In our day and age where manufacturers are more and more inclined to cut quality to increase margins, Fierce Firearms stands out as a relatively young manufacturer that has sticked to providing quality to their customer, whatever the cost.

Enter the Edge, Fierce's original custom rifle and their best known.


Right out of the box, the Edge guarantees .50 MOA accuracy. What is unique about Fierce is they do not expect you to just take their word for it, but also provide a range tested target with a three shot group at a hundred yards to ensure each and every single rifle leaving their factory meets their rigorous accuracy requirements.

While Fierce Firearms themselves may be a young manufacturer of firearms, the Edge comes from over forty years of gunsmithing and machining experience. That, paired with incredibly practical design features and state-of-the-art materials, results in a lightweight, durable, reliable and most importantly accurate rifle that is ready for whatever situation you may throw at it.

Now Remington 700 actions have been copied and recopied time and time again for years now and Fierce, looking to distinguish themselves from the rest, used a three lug Triad action that has been put through their EDM process (Electrical Discharge Machining). Now with the EDM process, metal is removed as far as the molecular level which results in some of the tightest and most precise tolerances available on the market. It doesn't stop there, in order to ensure their pristine tolerances, Fierce looks to do as much machining in one step as possible as well as doing their final cuts after heat treatment to ensure the heat treatment does not incur any unexpected dimensional changes to the action and bolt.

The Edge comes with a laundry list of practical features, but the main ones include a control round feed, three position safety, speed box magazine, 70-degree bolt lift and a phenomenal trigger that is adjustable from two to four pounds and breaks like glass.

Now for the barrel, the Edge sports a hand lapped cryogenically treated match grade buttoned barrels which further increases the rifles accuracy and precision. Another one of the Edge's flagship features comes in the form of it's custom carbon fiber stock paired with a LimbSaver pad. This goes a long way to ensure you can carry the Edge on those long hikes while hunting as well as making sure your shoulder isn't bruised after a long day at the range.

Topping it all off, the Edge comes with the optional radial or NIX directional muzzle brakes at additional costs.


Check our our Fierce Firearms collection including the Edge in various calibers!


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