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Rifle Review: Fierce Firearms Carbon Edge - Do Not Overpay For Accuracy!

Within just a few years, Fierce Firearms has taken the firearms industry by storm with their extraordinary range of rifles with guaranteed ½ MOA accuracy at 100 yards right out-of-the-box.

One of their flagship models, the Edge has become one of our most popular models among experienced hunters. Using a Sako 85 footprint and Fierce’s proprietary C3 carbon-wrapped barrel technology, Fierce has given is the best of both worlds, the Carbon Edge!


Based upon Sako's tried and tested three lug system, the Carbon Edge allows for a 70-degree bolt lift for quick operation and strong lock-up all while ensuring reliable feed of the cartridge. To reduce weight the bolt handle is hollowed out as well as the bolt being spiral fluted which serves to not only reduce weight, but ensures their is no "stickiness" or binding when operating the bolt. Not only that, but the action is pillar-bedded into a composite stock, free-floating the barrel. To read more on Sako's genuinely great system, take a look at this review:

Before moving onto the carbon features, it is important to note that the Carbon Edge is outfitted with a match-grade single-stage trigger unit. It’s adjustable from 2lb to 4lb to maximize accuracy and breaks like glass with no creep.

Now for the barrel, it starts of as a billet of 416R match-grade stainless steel which is then hand lapped and cryogenically treated. After being machined down to the proper diameter, the barrel is then wrapped in carbon fiber which gives it both strength and incredible stiffness. Not only that but it significantly increases heat dissipation and keeps your barrel free from expanding or shrinking in hot or cold conditions. This culminates in a lightweight barrel that delivers bull barrel accuracy consistently shot after shot.

Onto the stock, the Carbon Edge utilizes Fierce’s C3 carbon-fibre design along with a Limbsaver recoil pad which provides maximum protection from today's magnum cartridges. The carbon fiber technology within the stock ensures it is lightweight while remaining incredibly tough and meant to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

All in all, you're getting a lightweight yet durable rifle that can shoot ½ inch groups at 100 yards with no adjustments and comes with all the customizations of a custom rifle, but at a factory price.


Browse our collection of Fierce's finest, including several models of the Carbon Edge!


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