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Revolver Review: Korth's Callahan - A Revolver That Would Make Dirty Harry Proud!

Taking inspiration from the Dirty Harry movies, Korth newest addition to it's .44 Mag lineup has rightfully earned it's name, the Callahan! Sporting a 7.5" barrel along with the tremendous power of the .44 Mag, there is very little in this world that the Callahan won't stop.


Just to go over the basics of the functionality before diving into the Callahan itself, like all other Korth revolvers, the Callahan is based on Korth's proprietary ball bearing system. Put simply, while double action firing, there is ZERO take-up, grittiness, or pull-back of any kind. This level of smoothness is truly unparalleled. Not only that, but thanks to Korth's proprietary ejection system that utilizes a special extractor with claws that extend from the extractor star to hook the rim of the cartridge case when the ejector rod is pressed, moon clips are no longer necessary.

As for the Callahan there are a few distinguishing features. First off the 7.5" inch barrel which pairs amazingly with the .44 Mag chambering, this pairing is just excellent for accuracy and especially just for having a great time shooting it as the long barrel aids in mitigating the power of the .44 Mag. Moreover, we also have a ventilated rib which we do not often see on Korth revolvers and aids in reducing glare and increasing heat dissipation. Topping it all off we have a the matte black gloss finish which gives the Callahan the beautiful, elegant look it deserves.


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