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Rangefinder Review: Kahles HELIA RF-M - Fast & Efficient Distance Measuring!

Kahles, being one of the top manufactures of long distance, precision optics, has been at the forefront of new optical technology recently releasing their first rangefinder the Helia RF-M!

In a similar fashion to when Kahles released their first red dot, the Helia RD, the Helia RF-M has taken the industry by storm and most definitely did not disappoint. Coming in weighing a mere 7.5 ounces and with an ergonomic design, intuitive operation and simple menu navigation, the Helia RF-M is the ideal companion to any hunter out there.


Right off the bat, the RF-M features the industry standard magnification of 7x along with a 25mm objective lens. Designed with the hunter in mind, the RF-M sports rubberized lines on top for a tactile grip for all situations as well as an ergonomic design which allows the RF-M to sit perfectly in your hand as well as for you to actuate the rangefinder with ease.

Going into the specifics, the RF-M can measure up to 2000 meters, an overkill for most, with the minimum distance being 10 meters. Being the international company they are, Kahles made sure to allow the user to switch between yards and meters. At 1000 meters, the RF-M still has a field of view of 117 m with tremendous edge-to-edge clarity.

For those hunters who enjoy mountainous and inclined terrains rest easy, Kahles has developed an Enhanced Angle Compensation (EAC) function for the RF-M which allows the device to display the angle compensated distance next to the standard, linear distance measurement. It also comes with a Scan mode for those who enjoy the thrill of hunting moving game. Rest assured, your game will not escape you on account of the RF-M.

For those shooting at such long distances, every factor matters and as such the RF-M sports a temperature and air pressure sensor. For use during winter seasons, RF-M is filled with nitrogen so you can skip out on the bothersome internal fogging that usually occurs.

More on the display, the RF-M features five intensity levels to match whatever lighting you find yourself in. When thinking of LED-displays, battery life immediately comes to mind and Kahles has considered that, optimizing the RF-M to allow 4,000 measurements to be done on a single CR2 battery. However, it is important to keep in mind low temperature and increased intensity decrease this number. Now when I say the RF-M is fast, that is not an overstatement, from the time of the click of the button to when the distance is displayed is quite literally a second.


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