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Pistol Review: Walther's PDP F-Series - Pistol Grips Taken To New Heights!

Time and time again, Walther continues to bring us practical improvements to their pistol lines and the new PDP F-Series is no exception.

Pairing the PDP's incredible ergonomics with their new groundbreaking advancements in grip technology, the result is a reliable pistol that feels incredible in the hand and shoots phenomenally.


Starting off with what distinguishes the F-Series from the rest of the PDP line, the grip circumference is reduced allowing for a fuller, more tactile grip and is paired with Walther's RDS Ergonomics which allow the shooter to locate the red-dot instantly when shooting, achieved through engineered pinky pressure and offhand support. Moreover, the grip angle design allows for a natural aiming position further allowing for lightning-fast acquisition of the red-dot.

Not only that, but the F-Series introduces a reduced trigger reach, achieving superior trigger control for the shooter and trigger location is optimized for perfect trigger finger placement. These new improvement are paired with Walther's ‘PDT’ Performance Duty Trigger which has a far shortened length of travel and a more tactile trigger break. Results are far more accurate and precise shooting.

Topping all the new improvements off we have a brand new operating system that results in an unprecedented 20% reduction in slide racking force. By utilizing a two-piece striker, shooters will be able to experience the performance of the PDP with an intuitive slide rack that is as natural as it is durable.

For more on the general PDP features check our review:

Two guns are available in the Walther Arms PDP F-Series at launch, a 3.5" or 4" barreled model, and both guns are chambered in 9 mm Luger with a 15-round magazine capacity.


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