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Pistol Review: Walther's NEW WMP - The Perfect Firearm For The Explorer In All Of Us!

When it comes to the .22 Magnum market, there are less than a handful of truly reliable options in an affordable range and Walther has come to fix that problem. The Walther Magnum Pistol (WMP) is a new great option for all those rimfire enthusiasts and will be ready out-of-the-box optics-ready, ambidextrous, polymer-framed, and 15-round magazine capability.


Starting off with the caliber, the .22 Magnum, while not being a mainstream popular caliber, is actually quite versatile allowing the WMP to have a wide variety of applications. It has mild recoil that is very manageable for both men and women, with the muzzle energy generally being at 325 ft/lb depending on the ammo. It the perfect varmint round, great for hunting or plinking and even goes as far as being a suitable self defense round.

That being said, the WMP is a great choice for those who enjoy an active outdoor life and want to stay protected.

Moreover, Walther has proven time and time again that they produce firearms with exceptional ergonomics as well as being great quality at competitive prices. The WMP is no exception and features a first-time patented ambidextrous reloading mechanism incorporating both paddle and button releases called the Quad Release. For those HK fans out there, you can now enjoy the paddle release with the WMP and for those looking to stick to the traditional button release, you can continue to do just so.

Not only that, but it comes optics-ready for those looking to install a red dot. Following some of the design features of Walther's other polymer lines, the WMP has added lightening cuts towards the front of the frame to aid in cycling the slide with the added weight of an optic.

Essentially, Walther produced a lightweight, reliable pistol that's a pleasure to shoot and affordable to the vast majority. It's ready out-of-the-box with two 15-round magazines and 2 optics adaptor plates included, plus easy take down and cleaning capabilities.


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