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Pistol Review: The SAR9 Series - A Great New Addition!

While Sarsilmaz might not be the household name that GLOCK or HK is, the SAR9 offers an affordable alternative to these big names while giving up little in performance compared to them.

When a manufacturer attempts tries to cherry pick the best features of several successful handguns it either ends in a pile of poor engineering design or pleasing combination with practicality and performance. With the SAR9 it is most definitely the former.


Starting off with the reliability of the firearm, the SAR9 has its origins in military contracts totaling over 100,000 pistols and as such it has been rigorously tested both in-house and by governments. Now according to Sarsilmaz, the SAR9 150,000 rounds of live fire at the factory and when taking apart the firearm and seeing the quality I have no reason to doubt that.

While the pistol is large, it is not overly large to the point of uncomfort and is incredibly close in size to the Glock 17. Not only that, but the takedown and reliability of the SAR9 is indeed almost identical to the Glock 17. However, it differs considerably in terms of feel. In terms of the ergonomics the SAR9 has done a superb job, fitting in the hand like a skin tight glove and along with a 20 degree grip the balance of the SAR9 is impeccable. This allows for far more accurate, precise and overall better shooting.

Now for those who have always desired manual safety's on your polymer striker fired, Sarlimaz answered providing an additional manual safety which is ambidextrous. At the bottom, the frame flares out to both provide a magazine well funnel. Not only that, but the magazines themselves are tapered to truly optimize rapid magazine reloading.

When considering the SAR9 Series there is much to consider, you have:

  • The Standard SAR9

  • SAR9 C: The perfect balance between a micro and full-size pistol.

  • SAR9 X: The “X package” features a Cerakoted slide with matching color frame on some models, 17 and 19 round magazines with a full assortment of accessories. Additional features include front lightening serrations on the slide for reduced weight

  • SAR9 CX: The "X" package with the change in size.

  • SAR9 Sport: The Sport comes standard with a slightly longer forged steel slide with cooling ports and a lightweight black polymer frame. Other features include a forged steel barrel, stainless steel frame assembly, enhanced trigger guard, striker status indicator, changeable left or right magazine release button and an extremely ergonomic grip design to absorb recoil.


Browse our in stock SAR9 variations!


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