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Pistol Review: SIG Sauer's NEW P320 XCarry Legion - A Formidable Package!

Ever since the release of the P320 and the militaries adoption of the new pistol platform, SIG Sauer has continued to take the world by storm releasing hit after hit with the latest being the P320 XCarry Legion. In a few words, it offers the practical performance of a heavy pistol with all the incredible features of one of the most versatile handgun platforms ever made.


Now SIG's engineers didn't want to make more of the same and as such the XCarry Legion is packed to the brim with the perfect mix of new and standard features making for a formidable package.

Right off the bat, you immediately notice the slide outfitted with a 4.6” threaded barrel (1/2X28) and fully adjustable, suppressor-ready XRAY3 day/night sights making for the perfect platform for suppressed shooting and easily configurable for SIG's MODX-9 modular suppressor. SIG didn't cut corners, outfitting the slide with an optic-ready cut compatible with a majority of red dots available. And as always you have the Legion Gray PVD finish increasing the firearm's scratch and corrosion resistance.

However what really distinguishes this firearm from the rest is the new and innovative TXG Carry grip module. This tungsten-infused grip paired with the compact-size frame and the threaded barrel make for a truly excellent combination and some damn near perfect shooting at the range. The grip module itself also offers a detachable magazine and weight, allowing the user to customize to his or her liking. Moreover, with the total weight at roughly 2.5 lbs, the muzzle flip is 50% less than comparable models of the same size. It doesn't stop there, the trigger pull is 30% lighter than it's SIG counterparts and skeletonized for increased shooting speed and accuracy.

In short, when handling the XCarry Legion, it is heavy in all the right places, light in all the right places, lines up on the bullseye like a dream and when you squeeze that trigger it breaks like glass.


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