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Pistol Review: Nighthawk's Vice President 2011 - A 2011 Of A Lifetime!

The third member of Nighthawk's acclaimed Boardroom Series, the Vice President! The Vice President is epitome of elegant beauty while remaining extremely functional. From the muzzle to the magwell, the Vice President is optimized for the utmost performance!


The Vice President is built upon a Commander-sized 1911 frame machined from a high quality carbon steel alloy. Each and every single Vice President, or any Nighthawk pistol for that matter, is individually hand-finished to perfection. The result is quite evident when pulling the slide is complete butter and the trigger is fine-tuned to perfection.

What is quite functional about the Vice President are the heavy angle cuts in the slide which allow for both faster cycling for competition use along with the windows which display the beautiful Gold Titanium Nitride finished barrel. As mentioned the Vice President emphasizes aesthetic while remaining practical.

Now while the standard Vice President features Railscales Ascend grips, which do provide excellent feel in the hand and an aggressive look, and a tri-cut trigger, at Somarriba, Inc., we like to take things to a new level. We custom ordered our Vice President with both a flat match-grade trigger and Nighthawk's absolutely banger Double Stack Upgrade. As such, we have taken the Vice President to all new heights solving the capacity issue while ensuring a competition ready trigger with a pull of 2-3 lbs. and quite literally one of the crispiest trigger breaks you will ever feel.

  • Finish: DLC with Gold Titanium Nitride Barrel

  • Forged Commander size frame and 4.25" barrel

  • Match grade 9mm barrel

  • Heinie Ledge solid black rear sight

  • 14K solid gold bead front sight

  • One-piece mainspring housing/magwell

  • Heavy angle, slide-lightening cuts

  • 25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing

  • Crowned barrel flush with bushing

  • Checkered recoil spring plug

  • Completely dehorned for comfortable carry

  • Ultra hi-cut front strap


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