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Pistol Review: Kimber Super Jagare - A Model of Precision & Robust Design!

The Kimber Super Jagare is a model of precision and robust design tailored for the serious hunter. With a full 6-inch barrel, this pistol offers additional velocity that is essential for hunting game, ensuring that the 10mm cartridge's capabilities are fully utilized.

The porting of the barrel and slide significantly mitigates the recoil of the 10mm caliber, which not only enhances shooter comfort but also improves accuracy during rapid follow-up shots. These technical features make the Super Jagare a superior choice for those hunting medium to large game​​.


Equipped with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, this handgun excels in fast target acquisition. The red-dot sight is crucial for hunters who might face dynamic and rapidly changing shooting conditions. This optic is mounted directly to the slide, providing a low-profile setup that enhances the handgun's balance and handling. Notably, Kimber has designed the Super Jagare without traditional iron sights, opting instead to fully integrate the optic into the shooting experience, which underscores its modern approach to handgun hunting​.

The construction of the Super Jagare speaks greatly about Kimber's commitment to quality and durability. The frame and slide are crafted from stainless steel, providing a sturdy base that withstands environmental stressors. Additionally, the slide is finished with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, which not only contributes to the pistol's sleek appearance but also offers increased resistance to corrosion and wear. These aspects are crucial for a hunting firearm that may be exposed to harsh conditions​.

Comfort and ergonomics are not overlooked in this model. Kimber integrates features like a high-undercut trigger guard and a round heel frame, which enhance the shooter's grip and reduce the risk of snagging when drawing the pistol. The Micarta grips are another thoughtful addition, providing a secure hold even in wet conditions, making the Super Jagare a practical choice for diverse hunting environments​.

The Super Jagare is not just a powerful tool for hunting, it is a carefully crafted weapon that balances power, precision, and practicality. From advanced recoil management to superior optics integration, and robust construction, the Super Jagare is set apart in the market as a top-tier handgun for serious hunters looking for reliability and performance in the field.



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