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Pistol Review: Dan Wesson's V-BOB - Incredible Quality At A Good Price!

For those looking to purchase a quality 1911 that doesn't break the bank like a Les Baer or Nighthawk would, Dan Wesson is definitely the way to go. The V-BOB. which stands for Valor Bobtail Commander, is a solid pistol that comes somewhere in between Colt or Kimber's best assembly line pistols and Nighthawk or Wilson's high end custom 1911's.

The V-BOB comes feature packed made along with quality materials and excellent gunsmithing making for a gorgeous piece that fits like a glove and shoots like a dream.


At it's core the V-BOB is a forged stainless steel slide which houses a 4.25" barrel and works with a bobbed mainspring housing resulting in a sleek and compact look ideal for those looking to conceal carry a 1911. The fit and finish of the V-BOB is excellent, primarily being hand-finished with incredibly tight tolerances.

Now for the sight, the V-BOB sports a set of tactical ledge tritium night sights, a serrated U-notch in the rear and a tritium with a large orange ring in the front, that pair very well with the inset serrations that knocks down glare between sights. Adding a more classic look, the V-BOB also sports a set of GI-style rear slide serrations.

Onto the grips, the stippled VZ G10 tactical grips feels great in the hand and are also incredibly attractive. Those grips paired with the 25 lines-per-inch checkering on both front and back straps provide an solid grip in both wet and dry situations and don't go as far as being abrasive to the hand

Now for my favorite feature, the solid aluminum Greider trigger which is adjustable for overtravel and when paired with a carefully fitted match grade hammer and sear constructed out of tool steel, gives the V-BOB a crisp, clean trigger pull.


  • Fixed Night Sight, A Novak-style snag-free sight with tritium self-illuminated vials.

  • U-notch Rear Sight, This U-shaped sight notch allows for a better float of the front dot, making it easier for the eye to align.

  • GI-style slide serration, for a unique aesthetic.

  • Traditional Cut, The traditional cut keeps the lines of the traditional 1911 slide with a dustcover swoop.

  • Inverted Rib, To cut down on glare our top rib is cut into the slide.

  • Tactical Hammer, The skeletonized hammer helps to reduce weight and maintains the clean look of the pistol.

  • Flat K style trigger, The flat K-style trigger is a twist on the standard three hole trigger that looks like a ‘K’.

  • Ambi Safety, Grip Safety, An ambidextrous safety allows for an easy to access to the safety for both left-handed and right-hand shooters.

  • Frontstrap 25 LPI Checkering, Sharp, 25 LPI checkering, giving plenty of grip without being too aggressive.

  • Bobbed Mainspring Housing, The bobbed mainspring housing may be non-traditional, but many prefer its feel in the hand as well as the reduced frame size that results in less printing while carrying concealed.

  • Round Butt Profile, A smaller, round profile that makes for a concealed carry advantage.


With CZ acquiring Dan Wesson, browse both CZ and Dan Wesson's best!


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