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Pistol Review: CZ's ALL NEW TS 2 Racing Green - A Gorgeous New Look!

With the release of the TS 2 just last year, CZ has followed up with a gorgeous new look and some new practical features all geared towards accurate, competition shooting.

Built for the IPSC Standard Division, the TS 2 Racing Green boasts a more advanced design with flat, green anodized duralumin grips and magazines with green anodized base plates.


More on the TS 2 as a whole, while its predecessor, the Tactical Sport, was originally known for it's incredibly crisp trigger and long sight radius, the Tactical Sport has now evolved, taking inspiration from the Shadow 2 and incorporating customer feedback and improved manufacturing techniques.

The TS 2 lineup follows the slide profile of the Shadow 2 allowing it to reciprocate the weight as low as possible. The benefits are tremendous as it leads to smoother overall operation, far less muzzle flip and quicker follow up shots. However, the TS 2's redesigned frame and improved ergonomics takes takes muzzle flips to all time lows improving on the Shadow 2.

A neat feature of the TS 2 that really does come in handy on the field are the front and rear cocking serrations which make for easy slide manipulation with or without gloves. Moreover, the gorgeous new green aluminum grip panels sport the perfect amount of aggressive checkering allowing for complete control even in wet situations while still not becoming too abrasive to the point where it's uncomfortable to shoot.

Topping it all off the TS 2 Racing greens is outfitted with advanced components including a height adjustable rear metal sight, thumb rest, flat slide stop and adjustable, green anodized magazine release.

  • Single-action (SA) only trigger mechanism with short travel and quick reset

  • Increased accuracy and service life due to the use of high quality materials and utilization of the latest technologies

  • Improved frame and slide geometry for easier, faster and more reliable operation

  • Attractive design of the slide, frame and sport hammer

  • Improved ergonomics that contribute to comfortable handling during firing

  • Aggressive checkering optimized for a reliable grip in a wide range of conditions

  • 1mm red fiber optic front sight for quick and intuitive aiming

  • Durable finish

  • Long service life and high reliability with various types of ammunition

  • Machined magwell and flat, anodized duralumin base

  • A wide range of components and accessories available for extensive user customization


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