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Optic Review: PRE ORDER Swarovski's tM35 Thermal Monocular - Success In The Night!

Marking Swarovski's entry into the thermal imaging industry, the tM35 has impressed us greatly. Packed with practical features and the versatility of being both a hand held monocular and a clip on device, the tM35 is a must have for all Swarovski scope users!


When venturing into the thermal imaging industry, you will find that many night vision devices aren't truly night vision as they require a certain level of ambient light as they operate based of light amplification rather than heat signatures.

That is not the case with the tM35 as it displays clear heat signatures in two modes, white hot or black hot with white hot displaying signatures in white with a black background and black hot doing the opposite. Toggling between these two modes in the field is great for revealing details that would not be available with just one mode or the other.

Now for some technical specifics, the tM35 operates based of an uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor with a 320x256 resolution. Going with an AMOLED screen type, Swarovski did very well with the resolution coming in at a 2560x2048 screen resolution with a 60 Hz refresh rate and a 4x digital magnification. Topping it off, the startup time is a measly two seconds.

Swarovski cut no corners with the tM35 outfitting it with their Swarolight technology which automatically switches the device on and off based on the users movement and features intelligent brightness adjustment based on prevailing lighting conditions.

As a general rule of thumb, the fewer operations the hunter needs to perform while in the field, the better his chances for success and Swarovski took that mentality to heart when design the tM35. Intuitive operation for a key focus in the produce development, simply press the button to activate the device for the entire hunting session and allow the Swarolight technology to do it's job.

Concluding with one of the tM35's key features, it's versatility. It can easily be used as an observational stand-alone piece or be clipped onto your Swarovski riflescope in seconds. Compatible with the Z8i, Z6i, Z5(i), and Z3 series, Swarovski guarantees a a 100% reliable point of impact. They also offer a tMA thermal monocular adapter as an optional accessory to ensure a perfect connection. The result being an entirely reliable system with no sighting in.


Browse our collection of nearly every Swarovski optic released including thetM35 available for pre-order!


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