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Optic Review: Kahles K318i 3.5-18x50 - Compact Form w/ Long Range Precision!

When it comes to long range tactical riflescopes, nobody in the industry does it better than Kahles. They have proved this time and time again, especially with what is arguably the best long range riflescope ever, the K525i. In this review, we will be introducing the little brother, the K318i.

The K318i offers unmatched performance in an compact, ultrashort design that is ideal for those looking to save on space and weight while retaining precision, robustness and a long list of practical features.


To achieve such a high level of sophistication in such a package it took Kahles years of research both developing and adapting the latest technologies to the design. The complex lens, system, the special glass, and the innovative etching technology are all results from the in-depth research and development. That is why they are at the forefront of many optics technologies including most recently red dots and rangefinders.

Diving into the K318i, the glass is crystal clear leaving clear and detailed views throughout the entire magnification spectrum. The magnification range itself provides the user with such an advantage, being able to scan the terrain for a target then being able to quickly zoom in, all without loosing detail. Kahles did not stop there, to add even more precision, the reticle is placed on the first focal plane allowing the subtensions remain accurate no matter the magnification along with the thin hairs of the reticle being illuminated to make it easier to see in low light.

Designed primarily for hunters and tactical shooters, the K318i is designed to withstand whatever you throw at it, no matter the situation. Built with a robust 34mm one-piece maintube made of lightweight and durable aluminum it can hold up to heavy recoil associated with high-caliber rifles used in long-range hunting and shooting.

Now when I previously mentioned that Kahles was at the forefront of many optics technologies, that was no exaggeration, the K318i comes outfitted with Kahles patented Twist Guard windage. Essentially, the Twist Guard system is designed to aid shooters in fast-paced tactical/hunting situations in which the user must quickly change positions. The system features a free floating protection bezel on the right/outer side of the windage turret which provides a protective barrier between the windage turret and other objects such as branches and whatnot. This ensures the that the turret is not inadvertently knocked and adjusted as you frequently see with standard tactical turrets in dynamic shooting scenarios.

Keeping with the theme of tactical/hunting use, the K318i was designed for deliberate hands-on or gloved use. The large tactical turrets and power ring feature a tactile knurling to assist the user in making on the fly adjustments. Both the windage and elevation turrets have exceptionally positive and audible clicks as well as featuring Kahles’s zero-stop functionality on the elevation turret.

All in all, the K318i was designed to be effective in any application where a shooter needs to engage both stationary or moving targets at speed as well as delivering precise performance packed into a compact form factor.


  • Ultrashort and lightweight riflescope for demanding shooters

  • Absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and precise, clearly defined click mechanism

  • Wide field of view and exceptional high contrast image

  • Innovative TWIST GUARD windage

  • Parallax wheel integrated into the elevation turret (25 m to ∞)

  • Precise illuminated reticles in 1st focal plane


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