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Knife Review: Boker's Tank-Made Blades - A Piece of Living History!

In an era of falling quality and cheap manufacturing, Boker has gone against the wave to not only create quality, durable knives, but knives with historical significance.

At Somarriba, Inc., we are proud to house knives made from the M4 Sherman, Tiger and Leopard tanks from WWII.



Considered one of the most famous tanks in history, the M4 Sherman was produced from 1942 thru 1945 and was in service until 1957 and was used on all battlefields of the Second World War by nearly all the Allied Forces. It goes to show how the Boker did a extraordinary job with the Sherman-Damascus of combining both extremely high-level craftsmanship with historical materials to produce a piece of living history.

The Sherman-Damascus boasts a distinctive damascus blade made up of 80 layers of various materials derived from the production of M4 Sherman tanks. The blade is crafted in a customized ladder pattern by Chad Nichols using traditional forging methods, which results in a design that resembles the tank tracks left behind by the Sherman.

In terms of design, the knife pays homage to the Sherman's aesthetic lines, as evidenced by its overall shape, while the decorative blade axle screw is fashioned after the tank's main drive sprocket. The blade can be easily opened using a thumb stud and secured with a steel frame lock, which is supported by a Hinderer Lock-Stop for added safety.

At Somarriba, Inc., we have both a Sherman-Damascus and a non-Damascus model.


Yet another infamous tank, now on the Axis side rather than the Allied, the Panzerkampfwagen VI better known as the Tiger, the Tiger-Damascus is equipped with a unique damascus blade made from the steel of the battle tank destroyed at Bauska.

Chad Nichols also hand forges the non-stainless mosaic damascus blade, featuring the Intrepid pattern, which resembles the tracks left behind by the heavy tracks of the Tiger tank. Unlike traditional damascus, mosaic damascus involves a complex process where intricate bars are hand-forged into a mosaic, resulting in a unique design without distinct layers.

The blade can be easily opened with a thumb stud and secured with a sturdy steel framelock with a stonewash finish, which is further supported by a Hinderer lock-stop to prevent over-extension. The knife's overall shape pays tribute to the famous lines of the tank, while the decorative pivot screw is inspired by the main drive sprocket.

Overall, the non-stainless mosaic damascus blade is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship involved in its production, with each piece being unique and reminiscent of the tank's iconic features.


Lastly, we have the Leopard-Damascus manufactured from the gun barrel steel of the Leopard main battle tank utilizing over 300 layers of steel and has a hardness of 61 to 63 HRC.

The knife's integral construction features a contoured handle body made of olive green Canvas Micarta, which is milled from a solid piece of material and forms the distinct bolsters of the Barlow. This lightweight design eliminates the need for additional metal liners. The handle is further enhanced by contoured scales made of imported desert ironwood, providing a luxurious feel and comfortable grip.


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