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IN STOCK: Swarovski dS Gen II - Both Rail & No Rail Models!

One of Swarovski's newest additions, the dS Gen II 5-25x52 P both with and without rail, is in-stock at Somarriba, Inc.!

As one of the most technologically advanced riflescopes in the world, Swarovski has significantly risen the bar for riflescopes when it initially revealed their new digitalSmart (dS) technology. The essence of what you are after while hunting is to aim accurately and hit the target with a precise shot at a moment's notice. The dS 5-25x52 P gives you everything you need to do that in the most efficient way possible using high-resolution head-up display that provides you with all the relevant data to help you have a successful shot.


The dS software projects all relevant information in the field of view in real time without any distraction, and automatically displays the correct aiming point. You have everything you will ever need instantaneously. It does this all while taking several key factors into account including distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle with no manual adjustment required. Hunting has never been made easier.

The features of the dS software are endless. It comes incorporated with a laser rangefinder from 30 to 1,375 meters. Not only does it provide the actual distance of the target, it also projects onto the reticle a horizontal line with the corrected point of aim ensuring you place an accurate shot.


Browse our collection of all of Swarovski's latest releases including the dS Gen II and the tM35 available for pre-order!


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