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IN STOCK: Korth's ALL NEW Classic Mystic Grey - The Perfect Finish!

Again and again, Korth and Nighthawk continuously impress us with their ever improving aesthetics with the Classic model. First with the Black, Blue and Bronze finishes and now the Mystic Grey which in our opinion blows all the rest away.


It is always important to start off with functionality, the Classic is outfitted with the smooth action of Korth’s patented roller bearing trigger system which is undoubtedly the best revolver trigger system in the world. Warning after shooting any Korth, there is no going back even for the most experienced revolver shooter. Moreover, the frame and all parts are fully machined and handcrafted from the finest billet steel available. Another neat feature is that due to their proprietary ejection system, no moon clips are required.

Now for the astounding aesthetics, this Classic features a sort of matte "Mystic Grey" finish which is absolutely eye catching. This cool grey which looks almost blue is truly the epitome of elegance in a firearm, not so flashy as the high polish blue and not so plain as the matte black. This Mystic Grey is the perfect in the middle.


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