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Conceal Carry Review: Somarriba's Top Picks For EDC Handguns In 2023!

Having been in the business for over 25 years, we have seen our fair share of conceal carry handguns. However, among this vast selection, three guns stand out for their combined attributes of reliability, capacity, and size: the Glock 43X, Springfield Hellcat, and Heckler & Koch VP9 Subcompact.


The Glock 43X brings a trusted name to the subcompact world. With the solid reliability of Glock’s Safe Action System and a slim design, the 43X is an ideal choice for concealed carry. Its single-stack design and 10+1 capacity strike a commendable balance between firepower and concealability. The grip has been slightly enlarged compared to the previous G43, providing better control while still maintaining a comfortable grip for users with different hand sizes. Its compatibility with aftermarket accessories is another considerable advantage, allowing for easy customization to fit individual user needs.

Springfield Armory's Hellcat is another great concealed carry choice. Introduced as the highest capacity micro-compact in the world, the Hellcat boasts an impressive 13+1 capacity (with extended magazine) in a frame that remains exceptionally concealable. It also features a standard accessory rail, uncommon for firearms of this size, allowing for the attachment of lights or lasers. Springfield's Adaptive Grip Texture ensures a secure grip while reducing the potential for clothing snags when drawing. The Hellcat's U-Dot sight system, providing a quick, intuitive sight picture, is another unique feature that sets this handgun apart.

The Heckler & Koch VP9 Subcompact, VP9SK, completes our top three of leading concealed carry firearms. The VP9SK is lauded for its impeccable ergonomics and adaptability to a wide range of hand sizes, courtesy of H&K's patented interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels. This gun has a slightly larger footprint than the Glock 43X and Hellcat, but it is still highly concealable and offers an admirable 10+1 capacity, extendable to 13 or even 15 with the use of optional magazines. The VP9SK's trigger is often praised as one of the best in its class, with a short, light take-up and a crisp, tactile break.

Each of these guns stands out in the concealed carry market for unique reasons. The Glock 43X offers tried-and-true Glock reliability in a slim package, the Springfield Hellcat provides high capacity in a micro-compact frame, and the H&K VP9 Subcompact boasts adaptability and an excellent trigger system.


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