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Caliber Review: The 28 Nosler - A Superb Choice!

The 28 Nosler caliber, part of the Nosler family of cartridges, has gained considerable attention and praise from both hunters and long-range shooting enthusiasts. Introduced in 2015, this cartridge has positioned itself as a high-velocity, flat-shooting option that merges remarkable ballistics with manageable recoil.


It is designed to operate in a standard-length action for a .30-06 Springfield, providing shooters the luxury of using existing platforms without major modifications.

At the heart of the 28 Nosler's exceptional performance is its ballistic efficiency. Capable of propelling a 160-grain AccuBond bullet at a staggering 3,300 feet per second (fps), the cartridge excels at delivering high kinetic energy downrange, making it a superb choice for game animals like elk, moose, and other large, tough species.

Moreover, the 28 Nosler performs impressively at extended ranges, maintaining a flat trajectory that facilitates accurate shot placement, even at distances beyond 800 yards. This is particularly advantageous for those who venture into the realms of long-range hunting or precision shooting.

Its case design, based on the 26 Nosler, is optimized for efficient powder burn and minimal throat erosion. This means the cartridge is not only powerful but also has a longer barrel life compared to other high-velocity rounds.

However, it's essential to note that the 28 Nosler is a specialized cartridge that may not be as readily available as more common calibers like the .308 Winchester or .30-06 Springfield. Despite this, for those who prioritize long-range capabilities and terminal performance, the 28 Nosler stands as a compelling option that combines the best attributes of speed, accuracy, and power.



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