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IN STOCK: An Exclusive Highland Stalker From John Rigby & Co.

An authentic traditional deerstalking rifle, the Highland Stalker hearkens back to the days where each and every firearm was hand built, beginning to end. The result is nothing short of a functioning piece of art.


Rigby is famously known for their large caliber, dangerous game hunting rifles, so the idea of releasing a small caliber edition required considerable thought. After three years in development, we were not disappointed.

The Highland Stalker's slim lines and lightweight frame makes it the ideal companion for the active hunt. As a traditional hunting outfitters, we quickly became big fans of the Highland Stalker and ordered ourselves a one-of-a-kind Highland Stalker for the shop.

Our exclusive Highland Stalker comes packed with exceptional features making for a truly unique rifle.

  • Exclusive 23 inch barrel with extra thickness

  • Gorgeous grade #7 wood

  • A beautiful case hardened floor plate

  • Incredibly crisp trigger pull at ~2.5 pounds

  • Enhanced charcoal finish for increased corrosion resistance and durability

  • Tempered extractor and bolt release allowing for a deep blue color


  • Type: Bolt action

  • Caliber: .30-06 - Test Fired

  • Capacity: 5 rds.

  • Barrel: 23 in

  • Overall Length: 44 in.

  • Stock: Turkish walnut, Grade 7

  • Grips: Round, checkered

  • Finish: Blued (steel); oiled (walnut)

  • Trigger: ~2.5 lbs.

  • Sights: Bead, ramped (front); Express, regulated for 65, 150 and 250 yards (rear)

  • Safety: 3-position


Looking to special order your own unique Highland Stalker, call 305-252-6677 or email!

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