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Rifle Review: Steyr's Scout RFR - The Ultimate .22 For Survival

The Steyr Scout RFR, a fast, straight-pull rifle that emulates the look and feel of the famed Steyr Scout Rifle on a rimfire platform.


The Scout RFR was designed from the ground up as an economical, minimal-recoil Scout Rifle trainer while utilizing an incredibly smooth straight pull action (SPA) which is elegantly simple yet twice as fast as the standard bolt-action.

Inspired by it's namesake, the RFR's stock, which is similar in shape and configuration to the Steyr Scout Rifle, is particularly comfortable with a high comb to allow for an excellent cheek weld providing proper eye alignment behind the optic.

The Scout RFR also incorporates a 20" heavy-barrel configuration for maximum accuracy.

  • Action: Straight-pull action, toggle-locked.

  • Length: 35.6"

  • Barrel length: ~20"

  • Weight empty: 7.3 lbs

  • Capacity: 10-round detachable box magazine.

  • Threaded Barrel


Browse our Styer Collection including the Scout in 6.5 CRD!

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