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IN STOCK: Latest From CZ At Somarriba, Inc. - Shadow 2 + 457 Varmint + MORE!

Whether it be rifles, handguns or shotguns, CZ dedicates themselves to excelling in accuracy, precision and overall ergonomics. From beginning to end, each gun is worked on meticulously and the results show it.

As such, we carry an extensive collection of CZ firearms spanning from the iconic 75 model to the infamous 457 family, all of which provide undeniable results of some of the finest workmanship ever.



The perfect blend between modern technology and traditional workmanship at CZ's Custom Shop. Together they brought together the advantages of the bull barrel and CZ 75 ergonomics, resulting in low recoil, fast sight recovery, fast target transitions, great pointability and easy to use controls.


Produced solely by CZ's Custom Shop, the Shadow Tac II upgrades the mechanics of the standard 75 model with a tuned trigger system with a shorter single-action reset and a Pre-B style slide. In addition, CZ accessorized it with black serrated Combat II rear sight, Trijicon tritium front sight, factory 85 Combat trigger, extended magazine release, drop-free magazines and more.

Designed in 1975, the CZ 75 is the flagship model of the CZ handgun line with over one million produced. With the exception of an ambidextrous manual safety and rubber grips, the stainless version is functionally identical to the CZ 75 B. The only difference is an improvement in corrosion resistance, though many will argue that there is an improvement in appearance as well.

Taking heavy-barreled rimfire to the next level, the 457 Match Target Rifle gets a bit more attention than the standard 457 Varmint. Its Match chamber is cut to the tightest specification that CIP will allow, allowing it to perform impressively well with top-tier ammo.

Turning the Shadow 2 up a notch, the biggest addition on the Orange is a barrel bushing that increases slide-to-barrel fit, resulting in tighter groups. Not as apparent is the factory-tuned trigger with a shorter reset and the hand-fitting of the slide and frame.

Again taking the standard Shadow 2 to a new level, CZ outfitted the AccuShadow 2 with their ¼ turn 1911 style AccuBushing that makes the pistol capable of sub-3” groups at 50 yards. A custom hammer further lightens and smooths the DA and SA pulls, while the reset is shortened with a hand-fit disconnector.

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