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Nighthawk Custom: The TRS Commander - 17+1 Capacity In A Commander-Sized 1911

Just last week Nighthawk announced the release of their new, proprietary Tactical Ready Series. The series starts out with two models featuring fully machined double-stack frames in 9mm.

Nighthawk’s TRS Comp targets the competition market, while the TRS Commander brings 17+1 round capacity in a concealed carry package.


The TRS Commander launches as Nighthawk's first 1911 built upon a commander-sized, double-stack frame. With high-capacity demands growing, the TRS Commander provides a high-capacity 1911 that's ideal for concealed carry users.

“Up until this point, we have only offered a double stack as an upgrade,” says Mark Stone, owner and CEO of Nighthawk Custom. “With the current demand in the market, releasing a permanent double stack series meets consumer demands and shows customers what we can do with a double stack.”

The TRS Commander features a match-grade 4.25-inch stainless steel bull barrel that comes housed in a commander frame and monolithic slide. In addition, it comes outfitted with a full-length dust cover that provides additional weight to the front of the pistol, helping control muzzle flip.

When it comes to sights, Nighthawk cut no corners. A tritium front sight aids in rapid target acquisition, while a Heinie Ledge Black rear sight features serrations on the back, reducing glare.

The TRS Commander comes machined with a unique dimpling on the front and back of the slide, matching the pattern of the grip. The dimples provide a non-abrasive grip surface that remains snag-free during the draw and doesn't hang or snag on clothing when holstering.

An incredibly attractive feature of the TRS Commander is it's serrated flat trigger that provides a positive surface when pulling the trigger. Not only that but it breaks at a crisp ~3.25 pounds. Topping it all of, the TRS Commander comes standard with a black nitride finish increasing durability and corrosion resistance.

With 17+1 capacity in a commander frame, along with Nighthawk Custom’s legendary accuracy and reliability, the TRS Commander may be the ultimate concealed carry pistol.


Browse our extensive collection of Nighthawk's legendary 1911's including the TRS Commander.

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