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Walther Arms: The Q4 Steel Frame - Peak Performance In Any Situation

Ever since the release of the PPQ M2 in 2013, Walther has been quietly manufacturing some of the best striker-fired handguns on the market and their new Q4 SF is no exception!

The Q4 Steel Frame from Walther is an accomplishment that encompasses everything shooters desire in a premier concealed carry firearm capable of outlasting even the toughest conditions.


A testament to Walther’s enduring legacy of excellence, the Q4 Steel Frame delivers peak performance no matter the environment or situation. Outfitted with Walther's renowned barrel, phosphoric sights as well as front and rear serrations, the advantages this handgun delivers are undeniable.

Upon handling the Q4 SF, it immediately feels as though it is an extension of your own hand allowing the user to secure a tactile grip. The grip is consists of minuscule tetrahedrons that leave room for sweat in the negative space so your skin gets a solid purchase while not remaining rough or abrasive.

When moving into a shooting position, the Q4 demonstrates incredible weight distribution, reducing felt recoil and helping keep the sights on target and ultimately contributing to overall efficiency.

It's steel frame, precision machined from solid steel billet, improves ergonomics with a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail and full length picatinny rail. The slide catch and takedown pin are recessed and low profile. The slide catch is ambidextrous, mounted on both sides, while the magazine release can be positioned on either side.

Walther continues their tradition of superiority with a handgun designed specifically for those who only buy the best and nothing less. This is the ultimate representation of high-class performance in a conceal carry package that just can’t be found anywhere else.


Browse our extensive collection of Walther pistols, including the Q4 SF and Tac models.

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