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NEWLY IN-STOCK: Swarovski's Z5i (Illuminated) - Perfect For Every Hunt

As always, Swarovski never fails to deliver exceptional products with versatile applications. The most recent in their extraordinary lineup, the Z5i.

Available in three different magnifications, the Z5i is perfect for any type of hunting, no matter the terrain or situation.


When trekking through rough, mountainous terrain or when long-range shooting on plains, we can guarantee that the Z5i 3.5-18x44 will be a reliable companion, ready for whatever situation may arise. This lightweight 1-inch Z5i demonstrates its strengths particularly with precise long-range shots in the mountainous or on rough terrain. Swarovski's lateral parallel correction guarantees a faultless image, no matter the distance.

The Z5i 5-25x52 is particularly intended for optimum long-range precision. With it's 25x magnification and 5x zoom, this 1-inch rifle scope rightly leads the way in its class thanks to its lateral parallax correction and optical performance. The outstanding features offered by this 1-inch rifle scope are crystal-clear optics, the reliable sturdy mechanical design, and lateral parallax correction.

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