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Trijicon Solutions: Industry-Leading Aiming Solutions

Ever since their founding in 1981, Trijicon has consistently led the industry in the development of superior, any-light aiming systems having pioneered several new aiming solution technologies and innovations.

Don't just take my word for it, Trijicon is proud to supply the Official Rifle Combat Optic of the U.S. Marine Corps, the official USSOCOM Miniature Aiming System Day Optic, as well as partnering with government, state and local law enforcement agencies for decades.


While many of Trijicon's products exceed military testing protocols, each and every single Trijicon products follows their own rigorous testing procedures.

  • Alaska-to-Africa Temperature Tested: To ensure their optics are ready for whatever we throw at them, Trijicon performs “Alaska-to-Africa” temperature shock tests on each design with temperatures from -20°F to 140°F.

  • Solid Zero Tested: Riflescope zero is measured on each design after 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 consecutive rounds to ensure no reticle shift has occurred and precision is maintained.

  • Drop Tested: Trijicon drop tests every riflescope design to check for durability.

  • Shock & Vibration Tested: Every model is tested to withstand recoil and vibrational stresses without performance degradation or malfunction, so it can take a beating before, during and after use.

  • Immersion Tested: To ensure their products are protected from harsh environmental conditions, Trijicon fills them with dry nitrogen and conducts an immersion test on each optic design to ensure no fogging or leaks.

At Somarriba, Inc., we applaud Trijicon's dedication to quality and innovation and as a result we house a comprehensible collection of their products. Check out our top four picks from Trijicon's current lineup (unranked).

The SRO (Specialized Reflex Optic) is designed with a maximized field of view and a clean, crisp red dot that delivers improved pistol accuracy in competitive-shooting and target-shooting applications. The wide field of view and clean, crisp dot makes it easy for users to find and track the dot in both target and competitive shooting applications, helping improve shooting accuracy and speed.

  • Price: $530.00

The AccuPoint 1-6x24 riflescope is a favorite among hunters, competitive shooters and plinkers, offering true 1x magnification with the flexibility to reach out to 6x for longer range engagements. A battery-free illuminated reticle, powered by tritium and fiber optics, allows for fast target acquisition, even in low light.

  • Price: $995.00

The MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) is a sealed, miniature reflex sight intended for use on rifles, carbines, and shotguns to provide fast target acquisition. The large aperture and tapered light path maximizes the viewing area and allows for better situational awareness and fast target engagement.

  • Price: $495.00 - $689.68

  • Multiple Models Available

The IR Hunter represents the perfect solution for nighttime shooting as it provides speed and accuracy like no other thermal scope on the market, all while allowing you to engage targets in any light. Complete in a small, durable, and easy-to-transport housing.

  • Price: $5,999.00 - $6,999.00

  • Multiple Models Available

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