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Nighthawk Custom: The Finest 1911's In The World

Founded by four incredibly talented individuals in 2004, Nighthawk Custom has completely revolutionized the 1911 platform. Expanding from their original two models, the GRP and Talon, Nighthawk now manufactures over 40 unique and custom versions of the 1911.

Not only are they the manufacturers of many of the most outstanding 1911's to ever exist, Nighthawk also manufactures top-of-the-line tactical shotguns based on the world’s most popular shotgun platform, the Remington 870, but that's a topic for another time.


Nighthawk's entire manufacturing philosophy is based solely on their, "One Gun, One Gunsmith," slogan and the results are tremendous. Each and every pistol starts out as a box of over-sized parts and must be fit to each gun by hand - there are no drop-in, cast, or MIM parts used in the work Nighthawk does.

Once a pistol is built, the builder test fires the pistol to insure that it exceeds both the Nighthawk Standard and his own. He then uses a metal stamp to imprint his initials under the left grip panel signifying the pride and commitment Nighthawk gunsmiths take in the work they do.

As dealers of premium firearms, we house an extensive collection of Nighthawk 1911's ranging from their conceal carry Counselor to their renowned Global Response Pistol (GRP). Check out our top six picks from Nighthawk's current lineup (unranked).

By utilizing a recoil-taming, single-port compensator, a bull barrel and full-length guide rod that adds weight to the front of the pistol to reduce muzzle rise, a commander length spring and reverse plug, Nighthawk delivers a truly proprietary piece that combines aesthetic and functionality.

  • Price: $4,675.00

The GRP may be Nighthawk's base model, but it is far from an entry-level range pistol. The GRP uses all the same parts and expertise that go into Nighthawk's entire lineup. All the components on this pistol are over-sized and fully machined, which require detailed craftsmanship to fit.

  • Price: $3,485.00 - $4,990.00

  • Multiple Models Available

The Counselor is a 9mm, 3.5-inch barrel, 1911 Officer Model, based on a shortened lightweight aluminum frame, complete with an aluminum mainspring housing and grip safety.

  • Price: $4,086.00

Meticulously crafted and designed down to the last detail, the Nighthawk Agent2 is the next evolution of collaboration between Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, Railscales, and Hillbilly 223. Combining gunsmith craftsmanship with modern machining techniques, the resulting pistol speaks for itself with its range accuracy.

  • Price: $4,430.00 - $4,475.00

  • Multiple Models Available

The War Hawk's unique tri-cut slide top and top serrations that come to an arrow point to make it stand out in a pack of 1911s. The Everlast Recoil System allows shooters to go at least 5,000 rounds before a spring change is necessary.

  • Price: $4,375.00 - $4,575.00

  • Multiple Models Available

Bob Marvel worked with several of Nighthawk's Master Gunsmiths to design one of their most popular custom models. The proprietary barrel system is unique to any Nighthawk 1911 ever produced, which allows groups to tighten and accuracy to improve.

  • Price: $4,325.00

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