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Get Ready For The Exclusive Walther Meister Manufaktur Custom Pistols!

Celebrating their “engineering passion, precision workmanship, and innovation,” Walther has recently announced their Meister Manufaktur range of custom pistols.

Walther's Meister Manufaktur makes for the perfect blend of old-world custom engravings and new-age modern manufacturing techniques to create a line of high-end, truly incredible pistols.


The Meister Manufaktur lineup launches with four pistols all built around the popular and highly-performing Q5 Steel Frame. The Arabesque, Patriot, Black Diamond, and Black Tie models are each outfitted with a multitude of uniquely defining features.

In fact, some of the most highly skilled artisans in the world worked with Walther engineers to create the perfect fusion of aesthetic embellishments with performance upgrades and state-of-the-art surface treatments.

The Patriot:

Each and every Meister Manufaktur model has been equipped with a Dynamik Performance Trigger. This is a dynamic match trigger features the superior characteristics of reduced take-up, trigger stop, and trigger reset. No matter what, the flat-faced aluminum trigger breaks consistently at 5.5lb.

All Meister Manufaktur models, with the exception of the Arabesque, also feature a one-piece wrap-around aluminum grip that is machined from a pure block of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. With 20 lines per inch checkering and satin anodizing, shooters will instantly feel as though the pistol is an extension of their own hand.

The Black Diamond:

As Walther's CEO Bernhard Knobel beautifully put it, "Walther’s vision was to fuse form and function to create the ultimate experience for its customers. More beauty, more soul – yet totally usable. Why should something truly beautiful only be collected, and why should something built for performance not lead its class in good looks and artistry? Using our in-house engineering and technical skill fused with some of the world’s most celebrated craftsmen meant our imagination was the only limiting factor with the Meister Manufaktur program.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the Meister Manufaktur lineup!

The Black Tie:


Be ready for exclusive opportunities to purchase the Patriot, Black Diamond, and Black Tie! In the meantime, browse our extensive collection of Walther firearms.

The Arabesque:

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