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Newest From Somarriba, Inc. In Rifles!

Here's a quick update on the three newest and best rifles from Somarriba, Inc. with various applications from varmint hunting to target shooting!


CZ's 527 Varmint MTR

Back in-stock is CZ's famed Varmint MTR. The 527 platform has proven itself among firearm enthusiasts around the world. So much so, that in Europe it has won more awards in the "light rifle" category than any other rifle ever. CZ has designed the MTR model to provide enhanced accuracy with a heavy-profile barrel and a vertical pistol grip with a wide forend that’s perfect for riding a sandbag.

SAKO's 85 Carbonlight

SAKO designed the Carbonlight to be their ultra-light multi-purpose hunting rifle, featuring a carbon fiber stock with a soft-touch surface, a right-hand palm swell and a cheek piece. The 85 Carbonlight is ideal for medium-sized game and is exceptionally comfortable to carry, even on long treks.

SIG Sauer's SIG716G2 DMR

Right out-of-the box, the second generation SIG716 DMR is outfitted with an improved gas system, lightweight handguard, and an overall weight reduction of more than two pounds. The two-stage match trigger and muzzle brake helps shrink groups to less than a single minute-of-angle.

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