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Revolver Review: Korth's ALL-NEW NXR

The ALL-NEW Korth NXR introduces a six-shot .44 Magnum to Nighthawk's legendary roster of Korth revolvers. Without a doubt we can say Korth does not disappoint, the NXR is yet another truly remarkable precision revolver.


The NXR sports several flagship features. Right off the bat anyone can see it's seamless looks. The barrel housing has been ventilated for faster cooling while the entire revolver has a DLC finish providing both aesthetic and functionality.

Moving onto the internal functions of the NXR, it really is a mechanical work-of-art. It features Korth's highly distinguished patented rolling trigger mechanism. While firing in double action, there is ZERO take-up, grittiness, or pull-back of any kind, the level of smoothness is truly unparalleled.

It doesn't stop there, thanks to Korth's proprietary ejection system that utilizes a special extractor with claws that extend from the extractor star to hook the rim of the cartridge case when the ejector rod is pressed, moon clips are no longer necessary.

A neat aspect of the NXR is it's adaptability. It features Pictanny rails mounted on both the top and bottom of the barrel. You have options to insert different weights to be mounted in order to aid in balancing the NXR to your preference. Not only that, you also have the option of mounting a compensator to the revolver.

The adaptability doesn't stop there, the NXR features an adjustable rear sight with a fast-changeable front sight. Removable side panels to the front sight give this revolver versatility in a wide range of shooting disciplines.

Overall Features:

  • DLC Finish

  • Hammer-Forged Precision Barrel

  • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

  • Removable Side Panels on Front Sight

  • Single & Double Action Trigger

  • Turkish Walnut Grip

  • Integrated Picatinny Rail in the Frame

  • Cylinder Release Classic Back Left

  • Barrel Housing w/ Integrated Picatinny Rail for Scope/Red Dot Mount

  • Picatinny rail below barrel for mounting different weights

  • Ventilated Barrel Housing for Faster Cooling

  • Easy Reload Through Wide-Swinging Cylinder

  • Modern, Slim Design

  • Optional Compensator


Out of the sixteen NXR revolvers available in the United States, we have two for sale. We also house an extensive collection of Nighthawk's renowned 1911 pistols.

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