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Shotgun Review: Beretta's 691 Field - Dedicated to the Distinguished Hunter

The 691 Field is the perfect example of state-of-the-art technology combined with an elegant and unique design.

Beretta designed the 691 Field with a low-profile receiver to provide the fast swing and enhanced point-ability needed for upland hunting.


At the heart of the 691's quick and instinctive shooting are opposing trunnions mounted on the receiver walls where the barrels pivot; eliminating the need for bulky underhooks to form a hinge. As a result of this more compact arrangement, the low-profile line of sight enables the shooter to point the gun instinctively and rapidly.

The 691 Field was constructed in such a manner the recoil is directed rearward to the shooter's shoulder where it is less disruptive to firing a second shot, instead of snapping the stock up at the shooter's cheek.

The monoblock barrels are made from Beretta's Steelium material, a nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel. Owning a shotgun with the unrivaled Steelium ballistics means being able to the best in precision and durability, without any compromise. In addition, chrome-plated bores guard against corrosion and make cleaning easier.

Along with a slim profile, the receiver of the 691 features a double-fenced top and outstanding Rinascimentale floral engraving. The walnut buttstock and fore-end have tight checkering patterns and a beautiful and practical oil finish.

Another practical feature of the 691 Field are the elongated forcing cones and Optima-Bore HP chokes that enhance uniform patterns and allow a shooter to use both lead and steel shot. Overall, the Beretta 691 Field is a rugged and reliable over/under shotgun with elegant lines and exceptional finish. It balances perfectly, shoulders effortlessly, and swings smoothly.

Features & Specs:

  • Rinascimentale floral engraving

  • Oil-finished checkered walnut stock

  • Steelium monoblock barrels

  • Exceptional fit and finish

  • Low-profile line of sight

  • Chrome-plated bores

  • Optima HP choke tubes

  • Barrel length (in): 26/28/30

  • Barrel Type: Steelium

  • Gauge: 12/20/28/.410

  • Choke: OCHP

  • Recoil Pad: Microcore 20mm

  • Trigger: Single selective


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