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Rifle Review: The Volquartsen Summit - The Ultimate Rimfire For Competition & Hunting

Designed for speed, accuracy, and efficiency, Volquartsen's straight-pull bolt action is the hallmark feature of the Summit.

The Volquartsen Summit bolt action is based on a concept originally developed by Primary Weapons Systems. The Summit represents the combination of PWS' proprietary design and Volquartsen's 40+ years of rimfire experience.


Volquartsen has a knack for designing unique firearms that deliver phenomenal results and the Summit is no exception.

Designed for both competition shooting as well as small game hunting, this rifle sports a straight-pull bolt action inspired by the 10/22 style platform. The CNC-machined receiver features an integral 20 MOA Picatinny Rail, making it the perfect rifle for any rimfire long range shooting.

Built with all shooters in mind, the Summit provides the perfect fit for the junior just getting into shooting to the accomplished competitor looking to drive nails at the range. In short, it features everything you could ask for.

Volquartsen outfits their Summit models with their flagship lightweight carbon fiber barrel sporting a standard muzzle thread 1/2 x 28, making it the perfect companion for your favorite suppressor. However, one of our favorite features of the Summit is the trigger which features a light, crisp 1.75-lb pull weight.


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