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Back IN-STOCK: The AccuShadow 2 & Shadow 2

Back in-stock are CZ's famed competition pistols, the Shadow 2 & AccuShadow2!

Engineered to dominate in USPSA Production Division, the AccuShadow 2 and Shadow 2 were engineered with competition solely in mind making it a very practical pistol for any entry target shooter.


The AccuShadow's obvious advantage for the standard Shadow 2 is it's new ¼ turn 1911 style AccuBushing which allows it to reach sub-3” groups at 50 yards.

With either pistol any shooter with basic field experience can hit the "A" zone with decent times. The pistol's grip makes target acquisition natural and smooth. The red fiber optic front sight quickly focuses on the target and next thing you know you have a tight group right at the center.

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