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Optic Review: The Trijicon IR Hunter MK2

The IR-Hunter Family is not only intuitive and easy to operate, it offers superior processing power to deliver precision sighting reticles that scale as you zoom in.

These compact yet powerful thermal scopes are designed specifically for hunters and built with quality materials to produce a reliable and durable product.


Trijicon's IR-Hunter MK2 places advanced thermal imaging technology in the palm of your hand, all in an ergonomic setup.

Built with 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum, the MK2 offers an array of intuitive features from Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) to 8X E-Zoom.

  • Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) - Image Enhancement: To ensure that your imagery isn't washed out against the sky or horizon, IR‑HUNTER focuses its processing power onto your target for precisely detailed images.

  • Digital Focus Control (DFC) - Seamless Integration: DFC allows you to not only focus your picture to the optimum setting; it allows you to sharpen your overall picture for extreme detail.

  • Edge Detect - Tactical Mode: Edge Detect mode is a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness from the screen.

  • 8X E-Zoom - Digital Zoom: This lets you achieve various magnifications quickly and with an advanced, built-in sighting system, the reticle will maintain boresight and even increase its MOA accuracy.


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