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Optics Review: Trijicon's REAP-IR Mini Thermal Riflescope

Hunting nocturnal wildlife has become a rising trend among North American hunters and with that, Trijicon has introduced their all-new REAP-IR thermal riflescope.

Built with the S.W.A.P (Size, Weight, And Power) principle in mind, the REAP-IR combines small packaging with lightweight, rugged features to provide the ultimate nocturnal hunting setup.


The REAP-IR represents the perfect solution for nighttime shooting as it provides speed and accuracy like no other thermal scope on the market, all while allowing you to engage targets in any light. Complete in a small, durable, and easy-to-transport housing.


  • Integral picatinny top rail for accessory mounting.

  • Intuitive "easy zero" method ensures that you place accurate shots on the target faster than ever.

  • New top-loading battery compartment is designed for fast and easy battery changes even in the harshest conditions.

  • All REAP-IR models are equipped with five unique reticles, providing the user with options for multiple conditions and applications.

  • Rugged, weatherproof, multidirectional thumbstick control comes standard.

  • The REAP-IR controls are large and easy to find in complete darkness.

  • The REAP-IR thermal sight displays your current reticle position in the lower-left corner of the screen to aid with ballistic calculations and sighting in the system.

  • Stadiametric Rang-finding allows you to determine your target's distance at a moment’s notice

  • Edge Detect Mode provides a nightvision option that is a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness from the screen.

  • The REAP-IR comes with an easy-to-control polarity mode that lets you switch between 3 levels of White Hot and 3 levels of Black Hot. With low, medium and high levels, you can pick your perfect mode.

  • A digital electronic zooming system comes standard on the REAP-IR. This lets you achieve various magnifications quickly. And with the advanced, built-in sighting system, the reticle will maintain boresight.

With such a high-tech piece of equipment many would want to switch it from rifle to rifle and with the REAP-IR that could not be easier. One of its many features allows you to sight in the REAP-IR on a rifle and save the zero, program up to four different zero points for ease of transition between multiple weapons by instantly recalling the saved zero as it is transferred from one rifle to the next.


Purchase your Trijicon REAP-IR from Somarriba, Inc., a Trijicon direct dealer!

  • Somarriba's Trijicon Collection

  • The REAP-IR

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