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Pistol Review: The Christensen Arms 1911 G5 Series

Christensen Arm's 1911 G5 series are designed and manufactured with the utmost detail to performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Available in both a titanium or billet stainless steel frame, each of Christensen's 1911s are hand built using premium components and materials that live up to Christensen's standards and our own.


Utilizing fully machined slides made from 17-4 Stainless Steel Billet, custom match-grade barrel, a full length guide rode, and more, Christensen has outfitted their 1911 G5 series with all the features necessary for an accurate pistol.

Topping it all off, each slide is hand fit and sports Christensen's "ram head" serrations ensuring an ultra smooth and accurate operation.


  • Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel

  • Billet Stainless Steel Frame - Standard Model

  • Titanium Frame - Ti Model

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Billet Slide

  • Adjustable Overtravel (Trigger)

  • Skeletonized Hammer and Trigger

  • Checkered Front Strap

  • Checkered Mainspring Housing

  • Custom G10 Grips

  • Beavertail Grip Safety

  • Magazine Capacity: 9 (9MM) - 7 (45 ACP)

  • Full Length Guide Rod

  • Raised Night Sights


For only thirty days we will be offering $200 OFF both of our G5 1911s! Do not miss this opportunity to own a Christensen Arms 1911.


ENDS SEP. 10, 2019


Browse our extensive collection of Christensen's rifles and handguns!

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