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Knife Review: The Best in Benchmade

Benchmade has evolved over the past forty years to become one of the premier knife manufacturers in the world. They now produce some of the finest knives ever produced. With factory-grade machining and hand finishing, they have risen to the top in terms of quality, durability, and overall design.

Able to create machined precision parts that were then assembled and inspected by hand, Les de Asis, the founder, and his team created a contemporary way of manufacturing knives that brought in the best of both worlds. They effectively revolutionized the knife manufacturing industry by combining the quality and experience of trained blade-smiths with modern manufacturing techniques.

With forty years under their belt, Benchmade has produced extensive lineups that addresses every application of knives from everyday carry (EDC) to tactical use.


The Saddle Mountain Skinner could not be better for overall hunting/outdoor use. It's a large fixed blade with a re-curved blade that aids in common hunting tasks such as skinning and butchering. A Benchmade pro-staffer says, "it feels like I can break down game or fight off a bear with the knife".

The Saddle Mountain Skinner is produced in two styles; a regular drop-point and a drop-point with a hook. At Somarriba, we have the standard drop-point model available.


Perhaps the most popular Benchmade knife in production, the Griptillian. When it comes to all around functionality, you can't beat it. It's iconic injection-molded handle makes it impossible to drop and gives the knife its name. Ambidextrous opening and the ability to swap carry sides without incident gives the Griptilian the ability to work for anyone.

There are more models, shapes, and sizes in the Griptillian series than any other Benchmade product. At Somarriba, we house two Griptillian models available online.


The Infidel is the type of knife that will have you covered in any tactical situation. In addition to the incredibly stable, fast action and the rugged, tactical nature of the knife, the functionality is flawless. When operating it, it feels as though it is an extension of your own hand.

The Infidel is produced in several models including a mini version that is also available at Somarriba, Inc.


At Somarriba, Inc., we house a multitude of Benchmade's knives, including all those listed above.

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