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Pistol Review: Nighthawk Custom's LIMITED AAC Government Pistol

Built in collaboration with Advanced Armament Corporation, the new, limited AAC Government pistol is one that you will cherish for a lifetime. This suppressor-ready pistol is not just another pretty face in the crowd, but rather a business pistol that comes ready to impress out-of-the-box.

Nighthawk Custom has manufactured only twenty-five of these limited-run double-stack AAC Government pistols. Now available at our shop.


This custom handgun is loaded with proprietary features. The first to catch your eye will be the lightning cuts on the top of the slide and the serrations on the front and back of the slide. This makes for both an aesthetically appealing and useful feature while shooting

The slide also sports a new Heinie Ledge Straight-Eight Suppressor Sights which we are only available through Nighthawk Custom. These custom sights give you a complete sight picture over the top of the suppressor.

A steel thread-protector comes standard to protect your barrel when the suppressor is not in use.

Featuring a 17-­round capacity and a 7075-aluminum frame, Nighthawk utilizes a single-­piece grip design that reduces grip circumference and makes the pistol more comfortable to shoot. The mainspring housing is also profiled and texture matched. This gives the Nighthawk a 360-­degree gripping surface that not only looks good, but is practical without being overly aggressive or radically styled.

Nighthawk also incorporated an integrated magwell that accepts most aftermarket base pads and makes for easy magazine swapping while out in the field. In addition, the AAC Government sports a competition flat trigger that breaks crisply at approximately 3.5 lbs.


  • Precision manufactured Frame and Slide

  • Nighthawk Custom Match-Grade Blacked-Out Threaded Barrel with Thread Protector

  • Medium Length Lightweight Match-Grade Blacked-Out Trigger

  • Nighthawk Custom Logo on both sides of the Slide behind the rear cocking serrations

  • Forged Slide Stop cut flush with chamfered frame

  • Complete De-Horn for easy carry


As premium dealers with Nighthawk Custom we carry many of their limited-run handguns including two out the the twenty-five AAC Government pistols and house an extensive collection of both their pistols and revolvers.

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