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Pistol Review: The CZ AccuShadow 2

Engineered to dominate in USPSA Production Division, the AccuShadow 2 takes the original Shadow 2 to new heights. Through utilizing their new ¼ turn 1911 style AccuBushing, CZ allows the AccuShadow 2 to reach sub-3” groups at 50 yards.

A custom hammer further lightens and smooths the DA and SA pulls, while the reset is shortened with a hand-fit disconnector. Whether you’re after pinpoint accuracy, an edge in competition or just plain fun - the AccuShadow 2 can deliver!


The specs of the AccuShadow 2 were engineered with competition solely in mind making it a very practical pistol for any entry target shooter.

At the range any shooter with basic field experience can hit the "A" zone with decent times. The pistol's grip makes target acquisition natural and smooth. The red fiber optic front sight quickly focuses on the target and next thing you know you have a tight group right at the center.

The AccuShadow 2 is a very consistent pistol that does not vary too much with different ammo. No matter what ammunition is fed through the chamber, the AccuShadow 2 produces excellent results.


Immediately after removing it from the box, I was incredibly impressed by how by how comfortable this pistol is to grip. Gripping the AccuShadow 2 felt natural, like a very firm, secure handshake. The front, back, and side grip texture is tactile enough to not slip around in one’s hand, but not enough to be uncomfortable or cause abrasions. The grip is slim in the right places and the trigger guard is undercut, allowing for a very high and very comfortable firing grip.

The well-designed grip increases the “shootability” of this pistol enormously. A great deal of appreciation to the engineers of the AccuShadow 2 for knowing and incorporating what shooters need in a pistol. The pistol was properly lubricated from the factory, and the slide worked back and forth smoothly without a hitch.

The AccuShadow 2 follows the guidelines of the CZ family of pistols by providing a large frame that is easy to grip with the weak hand while using a two-handed grip. CZ pistols generally position the slide down into the frame rather than fitting the slider over the top of the frame which is a very positive feature for grip. This allows for plenty of room for the weak-hand thumb to fit on the frame above the trigger guard, which aids greatly in obtaining a proper grip.

CZ outfitted the AccuShadow 2 with everything that a target shooter would need. It comes with both front and rear cocking serrations, a rail for mounting lights, lasers and other accessories, and a high beavertail. The mag release is very robust and easy to operate with a thumb. You could easily operate it without breaking firing grip.

A hardy nitride finish coats the entire pistol leaving it invulnerable to corrosion and the frame gets an additional layer of black Polycoat finish. Sitting atop the slide are a set of target sights with fiber optic outfitted on the front and a serrated, black HAJO rear sight which are adjustable for elevation and windage.

The trigger is easily one of the most impressive features of this pistol.The double-action trigger does have some take-up but it is extremely light and smooth and the release is simply amazing. Achieving good accuracy with the AccuShadow 2 is effortless no matter the amount of shooting experience you have.


The AccuShadow 2 is available for immediate delivery, just click the link below! We house an extensive collection of CZ's pistols and rifles all available online!

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