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Back IN-STOCK: Christensen Arms' Summit Ti

One of Christensen Arms most famed rifles is back in-stock, the Summit Ti. This exceptional firearm is the ultimate refinement of carbon fiber utilized for rifles and without a doubt, is a one-of-a-kind. Backed by a Half MOA guarantee, the Summit Ti exemplifies the finest design, quality, and performance Christensen Arms has to offer.

This hot item is now available at Somarriba, Inc. in two chamberings, 300 Win Mag and 6.5 Creedmoor. Do not miss this chance to own one of the most innovative firearms built using aerograde carbon fiber and custom firearms experience.


When it comes to hunting, there are many great rifles in life, however only a select few are truly unprecedented or and without equal. The Summit Ti delivers on that sentiment. Inspired by decades of carbon tech development and custom firearms experience from Christensen Arms, the rifle is a refinement of composite materials and the advantage they can bring to a bolt-action platform.


We are proud to say we are Master Dealers with Christensen Arms! We house an extensive collection of their firearms including the Summit Ti. If we don't have the configuration of your liking, we can always special order any configuration you want. We also carry several different models of Christensen's rifles and pistols.

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