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Pistol Review: Nighthawk Custom's Global Response Pistol

The challenge of finding an all around amazing pistol is a burdensome one. No matter what you get there is always something that is missing or can be improved upon. I'm here to tell you that your search is over. Somarriba, Inc. brings to you, the one and only, custom-made, Global Response Pistol Recon (GRP). by Nighthawk.


Before diving into the specifics of this custom GRP Recon, lets talk about what makes a true Nighthawk Custom 1911. Nighthawk's slogan is "One Gun, One Gunsmith" and their manufacturering methods stay true to that. In fact, at Nighthawk, there are no assembly lines, each pistol is built from start to finish by a single gunsmith.

Once a pistol is built, the builder then test fires the pistol himself, ensuring that it exceeds both The Nighthawk Standard, and his own. I can personally say without a doubt, that each and every Nighthawk Custom gunsmith takes pride in their work and that pride is reflected in each and every Nighthawk pistol that we carry. To show that pride, every gunsmith uses a metal stamp to imprint his initials under the left grip panel. While is this not the fastest, most efficient, or most cost-effective way to build a firearm, this signifies the commitment that Nighthawk's gunsmith's take in the work they do.

In addition to having some of the most talented gunsmiths working on each pistol from beginning to end, Nighthawk also uses the highest quality parts and components to build each gun. All parts used in the pistols are fully machined from bar stock steel Each part used is over-sized and must be fit to each gun by hand, there isn't any drop-in, cast, or MIM parts used in any Nighthawk Custom firearm.

When the highest quality parts are combined with talented gunsmiths, through the philosophy of One Gun, One Gunsmith, the resulting quality is unparalleled.


This custom GRP Recon is loaded with new features all increasing accuracy, reliability, and overall performance.

When it comes to looks, this custom GRP Recon is simply beautiful and there is no question about it. From it's smooth cuts to stunning finish, it makes you fall in love with it instantly. This custom GRP utilizes a Battle-Worn Bronze Cerakote Finish that not only looks absolutely brilliant, but also increases durability. This coating provides unparalleled levels of hardness and adhesion also increasing corrosion resistance.

Now when it comes to performance, every aspect on this GRP Recon has been improved upon, resulting in pinpoint accuracy, spot-on reliability, and durability. Getting into the accuracy factor, it comes ready with Trijicon front and rear sights along with a Trijicon RMR Optics, all factory fitted. In addition, when shooting at longer distances, the crowned barrel helps increase precision and stability. To top it all off, it then utilizes a match grade flat trigger that breaks crisply with little to no take-up.

Getting a solid grip on a pistol is crucial and this custom GRP Recon makes it easy. Using G128 grips, this Recon provides a tactile grip no matter the condition, whether it be rain, snow, or mud.


We are proud to say that we are premium dealers with Nighthawk Custom, having an impressive number of Nighthawk pistols in stock . Not only that, but we also have many of their one-of-a-kind custom pistols.

Somarriba's Nighthawk Collection:

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